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Friday, 16 August 2013

"Little" routes make a big difference

We are really excited about the new links through the Peak District that are to be built following the funding announcement this week. The Little John route and the Little Don link in particular are improvements that we have been pressing for over a long period - since 2005 in fact. This document sets out the proposals.

The Sheffield campaign for better links to the Peak originated in a meeting in Hathersage in 2005 which is detailed here. Sadly, two of the participants in that meeting have since died, but it would be great if we could commemorate them in some way on these new routes - perhaps with Portrait Benches, as used on the Connect2 schemes.

Of course these schemes will benefit cyclists from the west of the Peak District as well.

The Little John route was pretty much devised by us, based on a route that hundreds of cyclists use every day already. We very much hope that it will encourage even more people to visit this beautiful area by sustainable means. The name was suggested because Little John's grave is in Hathersage, not far off the route, and his chair is in the Scotchman's Pack pub. Another name we suggested was the Keira Knightley route, as the area was used to great dramatic effect in the Pride and Prejudice film.

Dave Stevens, volunteer co-ordinator for Sustrans, checks out the Little John Route
The Little Don route will overcome two major obstacles  - Access to the TPT at Oughtbridge, which at the moment is via a busy and steep route, and a new route avoiding the highly dangerous section of Langsett Road heading up to the Flouch.

Lots more needs to be done of course, and we are looking forward to seeing what Sheffield City Council is proposing as part of it's Green Routes programme. Let's make sure the area doesn't miss out on funding for cycle routes again!

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