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Friday, 15 December 2017

Sheffield Ranger News Dec 15 2017

Highways England Designated Funds Stakeholder Webinar

I joined this to see whether there was anything that the TPT could benefit from. It’s a scheme which provides funding for environment – £300 million, cycling, safety and integration (CSI) - £250 million, air quality – £100 million, innovation – £150 million, growth and housing – £100 million

This was mostly about how to apply for funding for schemes but there were a couple of items of local interest:-

They are going to install a Dutch-style curved barrier alongside the M1 in S.Yorks to reduce noise.

South Yorks police starting to use electric vehicles - up to 20 vehicles initially. A pilot went very well.

Active Derbyshire

The Sheffield to Manchester route(NCN6) is included in this list of schemes:-

So it looks like we're getting somewhere with it!

We've been working on this for quite a few years - first meeting about it was 2005! Read the full history at Great to see that my suggestion of calling it the Little John Route even gets a mention!

Give it a go day
These are events that Sheffield University puts on to introduce students to volunteering. Since the long-term sustainability of the Ranger group depends on getting younger people involved I’m always keen to promote these kinds of events. I’ve suggested we could do one on March 10 or April 14 and if it comes off I’ll be looking for people to help out.

Access Barrier measurements

Remember the exercise we did last winter measuring and photographing Access Barriers? Well apparently there’s a few we didn’t get. Connor at the TPT office sent us a list but I think some them were on the Google Map so I’ve asked him to re-check. Once I’ve had the revised list back I’ll be asking for volunteers to complete the job - be warned! .

Good Gym

We did an excellent session with these guys* in 2017 at the Durham Ox and are planning to re-engage in 2018. Provisional dates below

2018 Dates for your diary

13th Jan Annual Plan Review - Meerbrook HUB )Formerly the HPVC) . 11-1. Tea & coffee, wood-burning stove, biscuits.

15th March - Presentation on the TPT for CTC Sheffield @ the Fat Cat. 7 p.m.

30th April - Good Gym - Durham Ox

30th July - Good Gym - Manor Way Access Point.

TPT Central Group Meetings:-

These that are organised by the TPT Office in Barnsley to keep partners (including volunteers) up to date with developments

Thu 19 Apr 2018
Thu 6 Sep 2018
Sat 10 Feb 2018

Friday, 8 December 2017

Sheffield Ranger News - December 8th 2017

Route Report - NCN6 Porter Valley

Kevin says - I did a route check today. The trail surfaces are suffering a bit, especially near Forge Dam with the rains of Winter on us.
Lots of rubbish at the top of the trail, especially along Clough Lane. People seem to park, have a few drinks, take a few drugs, chuck out the cans and blister packs, have a bit of sex, chuck out the condoms and then move on. Probably don’t even appreciate the scenery.
The nice thing is that people thank me for clearing up and a couple of people said they ought to bring a bag themselves to pick up rubbish. I hope they do.

Colliery Road

This is a road that was closed to traffic and turned into a link from Wincobank to the 5WW - I’m not sure when & it’s not on any mapping I’ve checked as a bike route.

It’s a bit of a mess though - I’ve reported it. If you’re up that way please have a look.

Dates for your diary

9th Dec Sustrans Workday
10 a.m. Sheffield Station

Plan is to put some dabs of luminous paint on bollards and other barriers that have lost their reflectors, or never had any. Manor Way, Prince of Wales Rd & Meadowhall are first stops. If you know of other places that could do with a spot of luminosity let me know. Also having a look at the AMRC link - a bus pull-in at Handsworth may be reducing the width of the cycle path.
It’s going to be cold so wrap up warm.

10th Dec Bio-Diversity Walk

Polly’s leading a walk with student volunteers this Sunday.They'll meet under the concourse outside the Uni of Sheffield Students' Union at 10.30am and walk out along the Sustrans route towards the Peak District going as far as we all feel happy with - probably aiming for Forge Dam cafe to finish (we may go further and then return there).
They  won't be walking fast as we'll be discussing potential future plans for improvements for wildlife along the way, probably for about 3 hours and can return by bus. Contact Polly if you’re interested.

13th Jan Annual Plan Review - Meerbrook HPVC. 11-1. Tea & coffee, wood-burning stove, biscuits.

Sheffield Ranger News 24th November

E-bike try-out session 19th Nov, 12-4 Meersbrook HPVC

We did an E-Bike Tryout session on Sunday at the Meersbrook H&EPVC which was quite successful - 7 tryouts performed. If you’d like to try one of these, or know someone who might, get in touch.

Greno Woods Masterplan

All those with an interest in this area are invited to take part in the online consultation and/or to attend a drop in session on Tuesday 28th November, 7.30-9pm, at the Reading Rooms, School Lane, Grenoside, to view and comment on the draft plan.

From the Sustrans/TPT POV the trail surface through Greno needs improvement and we need better access from Oughtibridge. Possibly the signage could be clearer? - you can either go through Wharncliffe Woods or down Woodhead Rd to pick up the railway path at Finkle St.

Friends of the Trans-Pennine Trail

Mick Nott has come up with an idea for a River Don Walk which I’m going to take to the Friends.

I did a talk for Calderdale CTC in Halifax on Friday, 17th about the TPT which seemed to be well received.

Dates for your diary

25th November Simon’s Birthday Bash at the Dorothy Pax, Victoria Quays. 8 till late - all welcome.

9th December Sustrans Workday - any suggestions?

13th Jan Annual Plan Review - Meerbrook HPVC. 11-1. Tea & coffee, wood-burning stove, biscuits.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Out Surveying

Our Rangers  were out this morning at Blonk Street for our second questionnaire stint.  They completed 20 and sent them off to the TPT Office.  Interesting morning today with a wide variety of people/activities.

They also took a few minutes to place an additional sign where the Five Weirs Walk leaves Attercliffe Rd.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

5WW Closure

The 5 Weirs Walk will be closed as a safety precaution for a crane lift on sat 29th & sun 30th of July. The section is between Newhall Road & the footbridge over the river from Bold Street & also includes the access track for Don Road.