Sustrans Sheffield

Activities of the Sheffield Sustrans Ranger group.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Out Surveying

Our Rangers  were out this morning at Blonk Street for our second questionnaire stint.  They completed 20 and sent them off to the TPT Office.  Interesting morning today with a wide variety of people/activities.

They also took a few minutes to place an additional sign where the Five Weirs Walk leaves Attercliffe Rd.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

5WW Closure

The 5 Weirs Walk will be closed as a safety precaution for a crane lift on sat 29th & sun 30th of July. The section is between Newhall Road & the footbridge over the river from Bold Street & also includes the access track for Don Road.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Five Weirs Walk Closure

The 5WW is closed between Effingham Rd and Attercliffe Rd for about 3 weeks while a building is demolished. There should be a diversion in place via Leveson St. This is a planned closure of which we were notified. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Closure at Barrow Road

The bridge at Barrow Road which carries the TPT north of Meadowhall was struck by a lorry last week, some photos of the damage below.

SCC's structures team have been out to assess and have decided that in the interest of safety the shared use footway at Barrow Road should be closed to pedestrians and cyclists. They also recommend that the track should be closed until Sustrans and our structures team have been out to assess the full extent of the damage. We know that there are no heavy vehicles going over the bridge but we’re not sure of the impact on the overall structure.

I’m not sure how long the sections should be closed for but should have more information next week after the assessment has been carried out by Sustrans. 

Good Gym Great Guys!

We had a great clean-up with the runners from Good Gym on Monday night. Here's a few pix:

& Here's the Gang (Pic from the Good Gym blog)

Thanks Everyone! 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Spring is in the air

We've had some great events over the past couple of weeks.

On the 11th, as well as having a meeting to finalise our Annual Plan we went up to Beeley Woods to see what Polly and  Tony have been doing up there. This really is a lovely path through the woods to Oughtibridge  - P. and T. have been making sure it stays that way.

They are working on information boards as well - apparently over 60 species live in these woods. It's a pity getting to the woods from Hillsborough isn't quite as safe and pleasant as it could be and there are problems in Oughtibridge as well, with several collisions at the junction with Station Lane. In fact there was a protest about this on the Monday after we visited:-

It's a pity someone had parked some cars on the pavement!

The redevelopment of the paper mill will hopefully provide us with safer links between Beeley and Wharncliffe Woods, hence between NCN627 and the TPT "proper" - NCN67. 

This last Sunday Lenny and I completed Access Barrier measuring between Richmond and Rother Valley, as well as the 2 Bridges Greenway between Killamarsh and Halfway. This completes the Access Barrier measuring in Sheffield - just got to put the results up on the Google Map, I'm halfway through that. We also discovered the Bridle Stile, a great route between Mosbrough and High Lane, not too far from Gleadless.  

Upcoming in the diary we have the following:- 

8th April Route Check -
10th April  - Stall at Sheffield Station.
25th April  - Evening Working Session (first of BST) 

Monday, 20 March 2017

NCN627 Blocked

We've had a report that NCN627 on Penistone Rd is blocked following a lorry strike and will investigate.